Homemade yogurt Cost Savings Table

The proofer can amortise itself within a few weeks.  Making yogurt at home is very economical, since the cost is about one third of a store bought yoghurt.

These cost savings add up quickly – after only one year of making your own yoghurt, the proofer has paid for itself and that’s just one of the many functions it serves.

Homemade yogurtStore bought yogurt
Purchased itemorganic fat-free milkorganic yogurt
Costs€ 1,15 per Litre€ 0,89 per 150 ml
1 Week2 Litre Milk6 x 150g Yogurt
Yogurt per Week1 Litre Yogurt (filtered)900 ml Yogurt
Cost per Week€ 2,30€ 5,34
Cost per Year€ 120€ 278

Cost savings after one year: € 158